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The AAAHH Records Festival 2014 begins in 8 days.


Everyone, please take out your glitter pens and mark these dates: From August 29th to August 31st 2014 we will meet in Bralitz again! Join us for two days of music, with more bands, more time for table tennis and volleyball, good food, decent drinks, bonfire and dance. 
To put it in a nutshell: Be welcome to join us for a big and hopefully long lasting festival experience in the last days of August.

“That is all I need to know. Where can I get a ticket?”
Sorry, we are sold out!.

WHEN? Aug. 29th – Aug. 31st 2014 Yes, we plan to expand the festival to a total of two days this year. Our doors will open on Thursday, the 28th of August. The festival itself will slowly unfold itself during Friday. If you arrive in the early afternoon, there will be enough time to put up your tent and to take a look around. There will be shows on Friday evening and on Saturday afternoon + evening. On Sunday we will give you all the time you need to sober up, relax a little and give us wet goodbye kisses.
WHERE? Outside of Bralitz If you joined us in 2013, you know that Bralitz is about 60 kilometres away from Berlin – in the very east of Germany, close to the Polish border. Since it is a bit tricky to find the actual place – an abandoned train station next to an abandoned sand pit with rivers, springs, lakes and forests – we will soon give you a detailed description of how to get to us. It is, by the way, also possible to arrive at the festival site using public transport.
WHAT? Great artists & more Since we will go for two days this time, there will be room for a few more artists. There will also be enough room for you and your friends to go swimming, play table tennis, volleyball + other fun games and activities. We will prepare a campfire place, the Pirate Kitchen will offer you tasty food for very fair prices, there will be an after show DJ set and we will keep you posted about all these mysterious, bold additions, we reveal yet step by step – here and/or in our Newsletter. In the meantime, check out our festival lineup!
HOW? 250 Tickets. Strictly limited. In 2013 we started with 150 guests. This year we would like to grow a little and make room for 250 visitors. As it is quite a task to get people this far out into the wilderness, we will launch another Crowdfinding campaign. Yes, Crowdfinding, not Crowdfunding. We will celebrate our festival in any case: With or without you. But as you can imagine, it will be so much better with you! You decide how much you want to pay for a festival ticket. However, we have some stretch goals, we would like to reach this year. The more you give, the more you get back. It is all up to you. Go, get your ticket now!
WOLF? Howl with us! Aaahhwooo will take place in the wonderful remote area of eastern Brandenburg. It is so far out in the wild, that nature is taking back what – not too long ago – has been in human hands. Believe it or not, even the wolves are on their way back. Last year we heard a story about a three-legged wolf and we liked it so much, that this wonderful creature will be an omnipresent character during this years festival. We will tell you its story soon enough. Patience, please. Listen to this in the meantime.

Festival Lineup

We will introduce all our wonderful artists, just click on the + below to get more info about each band/artist and their confirmation status. Oh, and we recommend to listen to their music, of course.

Keyboard RebelKeyboard Rebel
Rock, Pop, Indie (UK)
STATUS: confirmed
Britannias pop grenades: Keyboard Rebel are a six piece band of (ex-)Mancunians. In between guitar, bass and drums, they artfully smuggle trumpets and flutes, but they do not sound a bit medieval – probably thanks to the use of actual keyboards. Over the years Keyboard Rebel became some sort of an aaahh house band. We love them like our mothers.

Folk, Pop, Indie (DE)
STATUS: confirmed
Bergen are among the new faces of Bralitz 2014 – well, almost: Our one and only Rokotak (ex ne:o) provides skillful guitar work for the band. Bergen set themselves apart from the aaahh standard, as they sing songs in German – about all those little significances of everyday life. Although the lyrics are integral for Bergen’s songs, they are still worth a listen, even if you only understand English.

Shanty´n´Roll (DE)
STATUS: confirmed
Last year part of our audience, this year part of our lineup: Kudders from Rostock play honest rock music with a maritime touch. Once known as Kudde & die Kudders, they ruthlessly cut off the first part of their name. There is only one possible explanation: Kudders like to keep it simple and straightforward, all in the spirit of hard-bitten shantymen.

Indie, Electronic (DE)
STATUS: confirmed
Ueki hail from Berlin and they create electro pop music. Bernd Plontsch and Nils Schäfer are Ueki’s heartbeat. You may think: With names like these, they probably only qualify as James Bond villains and not as music celebrities. In Bralitz, however, we expect them to become superstars of all our hearts – and yes, that does sound greasy. Haters gonna hate.

Folk, Blues (DE)
STATUS: confirmed
Milan a.k.a. Rokotak accompanies the aaahh crew since many years. We first met when he was still part of ne:o, art rock mavericks from Dresden. Today we cannot imagine the Aaahhchestra without him – as a guitarist, sound technician and producer. In 2013 Milan enriched Braaahhlitz with a fine set of songs: Insightful lyrics in German, performed in a good old-fashioned singer/songwriter tradition.

Pop, Indie, Folk (US)
STATUS: t.b.c.
We would love to see Bryyn again and we really would love to see him play for you. He said he would love to come and join us in Bralitz this year. Still, it is a long way from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, to some remote area in Brandenburg. But we are optimistic, that he will actually make it this time! Fingers crossed.

Chinchin ChopchopChinchin Chopchop
Rock (DE)
STATUS: confirmed
These green-lipped Motorpsycho aficionados are Konni, Anne and Julius or Chinchin Chopchop, which is slightly catchier. The trio is mostly known for their uncompromising rock songs, but nevertheless without fear to water them down whenever necessary. Like so many others this year, Chinchin Chopchop are based in East Germany – Dresden and Leipzig, to be exact. We like to see the local music scene flourish.

Entertainment For The BraindeadEntertainment For The Braindead
Folk, Pop (DE)
STATUS: confirmed
Boy, we are happy to have her back again in 2014. Julia Kotowski is Entertainment for the Braindead, our loop wunderkind and an allround artist par excellence: At Aaahhwooo though, she will limit her output to music, which is not bad at all. It is like hearing the Sirens sing – naturally without death and destruction.

Sebastian ArnoldSebastian Arnold
Electro, Drums (DE)
STATUS: confirmed
Everyone who saw Sebastian Arnold at last years festival cannot possibly repress the urge to experience this man again. And experience feels like the only suitable expression for Arnold’s multitasking performances. As his set is not confirmed yet, we have already started to sacrifice myrrh and shiny things to the gods. We dearly hope to get his acceptance soon, before we have to continue our rituals with human flesh.

The UnfortunatesThe Unfortunates
Rock, Indie (UK)
STATUS: confirmed
Ladies and Gentlemen, mein lieber Herr Gesangsverein, these boys have rocked our socks off: The Unfortunates rank among the finest bands from London, who have ever played in Bralitz. The garish NME has not noticed them yet – which is arguably a good thing. We need them as fiery as last year.

Creamy Catrock (UK)
STATUS: confirmed
This man has it all: Fame, money and an international fan club. Ok, the part about fame and money may be disputable, but we are certain with the fan club, because we are the fan club. It is hard to pinpoint what Yossarian actually does: He uses so many different genres for his unique ideas – they are almost impossible to describe. The art of Yossarian needs to be experienced.

Greta TaubertGreta Taubert
Story Telling (DE)
STATUS: confirmed
For one year german writer Greta Taubert turned her back on consumerism in favour of self-sufficiency. Her experiment in independent living doubled up as preparation for an apocalypse. She will read parts of her recently published book “Apokalypse jetzt!” (Apocalypse Now!).
David BoringDavid Boring
Duke of the Discs (DE)
STATUS: confirmed
Boring? That is a pseudonym, obviously. We booked David, because of his sure instinct to pick the suitable song for every situation. At home in between rock and pop music he nevertheless manages to compile interesting sets. We speak from our own experience.
KraftfuttermischwerkDas Kraftfuttermischwerk
Overlord of the Dance (DE)
STATUS: confirmed
You may know him from last years festival; we most definitively know him from last year and needed to have him back. Kraftfuttermischwerk probably is not an overly catchy name, but do not let it fool you: He will not torment you with industrial or robo-pop. No need to be afraid: This man knows how the land lies.
Pirate KitchenPirate Kitchen
(Soul) Food (NL)
STATUS: confirmed
The dutch Pirate Kitchen collective will join us! They bring their solar powered equipment, set up their temporary restaurant and will cook for all of us, serve tea or coffee or as they describe it “feed peoples bodies and souls.” We are very happy and excited to see them joining us for a couple of days. Check out their website and you will see that the Pirate Kitchen is a perfect match to our festival and label concept.

“We have the opinion that money should not be made on basic needs like a hot meal. For this reason we work on a non profit base, giving people freshly made, quality food (and coffee) for a fair price.”

Festival Photos

All photos were taken by SimSullen (CC-BY). Thank you Simon!

Festival Video

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We will celebrate our festival in any case: With or without you. But as you can imagine, it will be so much better with you! You decide how much you want to pay for a festival ticket. However, we have some stretch goals, we would like to reach this year. The more you give, the more you get back. It is all up to you. Click on the + to get more infos.

0 Euro = We do it anyway! Even with no budget we will do it! The festival will not be as good as it could be (less bands, less fun) but still, we would organise it anyway! Please keep in mind, that we need at least 2500 Euro in total to reach a safe break even. This means nobody loses any private money, if we reach that goal. Any extra money would go to the artists. So far, we can only offer them to pay for their travel costs.
250 Euro = Free WIFI! Last year we did a video live stream of the festival and it ate up most of the available internet bandwidth. This year there will be free WIFI for everyone, if we reach this stretch goal. So you guys can tweet, facebook or post photos of your hopefully wonderful time in Bralitz – only if you like, of course, and please respect the privacy of others, when taking a picture.
500 Euro = Wolfpack The Game 250 people are quite a bunch, although Aaahhwoo will feel like a tiny, cosy festival. We know it can be hard to get in touch with strangers and we know how awesome it can be to turn strangers into acquaintances or even friends. That is why we developed an interactive game and we invite everyone to participate. We call it Wolfpack. It will turn the whole festival into a social playground and it will make you a part of the festival itself, in a fun and playful way.
1500 Euro = Festival Compilation Like every year we will organise an artist workshop during the week before the festival. This is an ideal atmosphere for our musicians to write and record new songs, some of them even during the festival performance. We hope to be able to compile another collection of songs, that may include live recordings from the festival, new material from the workshop and who knows what: You will be surprised! Every visitor/supporter will get early and unlimited access to all songs – a month before everyone else.
2500 Euro = AAAHHWOOO! If we get 2500 Euro, we reach a certain break even. That means nobody makes any money, but no one looses any, too. Even more importantly, we will be able to create the festival of our dreams: Invite all the artists, build a new (outside) stage, pay a DJ, all in all, just have a great time together! If we “make” more than 2500, the money will be passed on directly to the artists, who are – just to remind you – playing for free, so far.

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