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Denmark, here we come!

Foto: CC-BY Flickr/NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Five months ago we posted a blog entry about our plans about renting a house in denmark for our artists to get in touch with each other and start a workshop, jam- and recording session. Well, guess what! We are going to do this. We leave for Denmark on September 3rd and stay there for a whole week! Unfortunately not all of the aaahh records artists can make to the camp but all in all we will be at least 15 people. It’s most of the aaahh records crew, Bryyn and his new band members, Entertainment For The Braindead, The Keyboard Rebels, Nicolas Falcon and some of the ne:os. We have our own house for a week, we’ll bring instruments, mixers, amps, a drumkit, recording equipment and a lot of other toys to play around with. If we can manage to set up some wireless lan inside our little danish aaahh records villa, we might even do some live video streaming. We’ll keep you posted on this one!

Thanks to everyone who supported us with a donation for this project. So far we did not collect quite enough to cover all our costs. So we would be extra super happy if you would consider a donation. But we are going to do this anyway. Flights and ferryboats are booked, cars are filled up with gas and the instruments are beeing packed.

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