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More Frames Per Second

The boys from Uniform Motion felt inspired by our remix mission and set all the stems from their latest album “One Frame Per Second” free. The files are all under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence. This means you can share your remix, and even sell it if you want, as long as you state somewhere that the original work was made by Uniform Motion. The BPM’s are in the SoundCloud set comments and all tracks have the same starting point, so when you import them into your DAW, they should all be in sync. There’s a condition though! You also have to remix the album artwork before you post your song online! You can download the artwork in a high resolution PDF-format. By remix, Uniform Motion mean that you have to use at least one element of the original artwork in yours. ie: you use Photoshop to cut out a tree, or the Knight’s sword, or whatever.

We are all looking forward to seeing and hearing what people come up with.

Download the stems via Soundcloud:

Download the high resolution artwork:

P.S.: Check out the “Pictures” Album that we released:

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