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New Uniform Motion Album “The Magic Empire” coming out on April 22nd

New Uniform Motion Album 'The Magic Empire' coming out on April 22nd

Uniform Motion have reinvented themselves once more. Their wonderful new album comes in digital and analog formats and is presented on a brand new also wonderful crafted website. They put about 300 HOURS of work into the album and boy, it turned out great great great! It’s called The Magic Empire and it is, well… magic and it will hopefully make them the new kings of indie folk! Check out their little making of documentary below. The clip is part of their self hosted crowdfunding campaign where you can pre order the album in various formats such as Download, CD, Vinyl and many more stuff. They need 4311 Euro within this year and you can help them to reach their goal!

We’re releasing a new album 22nd April. We put a lot of hard work into composing, rehearsing, singing, drumming, strumming, plucking, recording, mixing, designing, drawing, coding, thinking, doubting, listening, stressing, worrying and enjoying everything that went into this album. We truly hope you like it. (Uniform Motion)

This is what The Magic Empire looks like:
New Uniform Motion Album 'The Magic Empire' coming out on April 22nd

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