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Get your AAAHHWOOO! Festival Ticket now

Get your AAAHHWOOO Festival Ticket.

Everyone, please take out your glitter pens and mark these dates: From August 29th to August 31st 2014 we will meet in Bralitz again! Join us for two days of music, with more bands, more time for table tennis and volleyball, good food, decent drinks, bonfire and dance. 
To put it in a nutshell: Be welcome to join us for a big and hopefully long lasting festival experience in the last days of August.

Get your Ticket and Festival-Info:

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Hefte raus – Klassenarbeit: Bitte nehmt eure Glitterstifte zur Hand und streicht euch diese Daten im Kalender an: Vom 29. bis zum 31. August 2014 werden wir uns wieder in Bralitz treffen. Kommt nur alle vorbei und verbringt zwei angenehme Festivaltage mit uns, mit vielen Künstlern, mehr Zeit für Tischtennis, gutem Essen, anständigen Getränken, Lagerfeuer und Tanz. Der August ist gerettet.

Hier gibt’s Tickets und Festival-Infos :

Meet the Pirate Kitchen collective and their indie (soul) food!

Soulfood from the pirate kitchen collective

Our annual festival is coming closer, our Crowdfinding campaign is starting very soon! This means soon you will be able to get one of the strictly limited 250 festival tickets! If you have been with us last year you know that serving food for all of you was quite a challenge for us. This year we have been working on a major update when it comes to food during the festival.

The dutch Pirate Kitchen collective will join us! They bring their solar powered equipment, set up their temporary restaurant and will cook for all of us, serve tea or coffee or as they describe it “feed peoples bodies and souls.” We are very happy and excited to see them joining us for a couple of days. Check out their website and you will see that the Pirate Kitchen is a perfect match to our festival and label concept.

“We have the opinion that money should not be made on basic needs like a hot meal. For this reason we work on a non profit base, giving people freshly made, quality food (and coffee) for a fair price.”

Winter – Alligator

Samira Winter is a half Brazilian and half American gal (and secretly a mermaid) who loves to play her blue mustang guitar. She grew up in Curitiba, Brazil, then moved to Boston for college, where she started Winter. Now, Samira lives in Los Angeles where she lives her love for bossa nova, shoegaze, dream pop and jumping on her bed to loud music.


Make sure to check out Samiras music on bandcamp and Soundcloud.
Follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.

Q&A with Samira Winter


Glacials – Sweet Tooth Pink Wrist

Glacials are four boys and one girl, brought together by shared love, frustration, heroism & hedonism. Yes, they will fight amongst themselves, and from these seeds will bloom the cacophonous beats of rhythmic abandon, the wall & wash, dirge & pulse of strings, the glitch of technology crashing, the keening screech & wail of vocal chords pulled taut to breaking point.


Make sure to check out their music on bandcamp.
Follow them on Facebook, Soundcloud or Twitter.


Howl with us!

From August 29th to August 31st we will welcome 250 of you to our annual music festival in Bralitz. Just like last year, it will take place in the wonderful remote area of eastern Brandenburg. It’s so far out in the wild that nature is taking back what – not too long ago – has been in human hands. If you believe it or not, even wolves are settling down again.

Last year we heard a story about a three legged wolf and… well, we liked the story so much that this wonderful creature will be an omnipresent character during this years festival. We will tell you his story soon enough. But until then, all we can say is: “Howl with us!“.