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Oh, we miss the wolfpack!!! #AAAHHWOOO

Three months to go and we’ll have a great time in Bralitz! Last year was pretty damn great and it will be very hard to top that… but we’ll try. If you are new to our festival and you have no idea what it will be like to join us during the last days of August, check out this video. Ina Hurry, who filmed and edited the video, captured the spirit very nicely, we believe. If you like what you see, get a ticket and join us. And tell your best friends to join us, too!

Don’t you have enough yet? Check out Ina’s festival video from the year before:

New release: The AAAHHWOOO! Download Compilation

We just started the ticket sales for our upcoming festival and while handling first orders, we like to watch video bits, look at fotos and listen to music from last years week in Bralitz, which turned out even better then we expected.

We just can’t wait to be back in Bralitz in the end of August this year! By releasing these songs, we are sharing some of our memories, because they are coming back when we listen to them. We recorded most of the songs during our one week workshop before and during the festival last year. While some of us were preparing the campsite, building the festival stage or taking care of beer and food orders, others were jamming in the hall, recording and rehearsing new songs. Some of them made onto this compilation. We hope you enjoy this collection of songs as much as we do!

Download AAAHHWOOO! Compilation now


Hi there! We are back! It’s been quite some time since you heard from us. But now we are back with a big bang. It’s time for our annual artist meetup and mini music festival. And just like in 2013 and 2014, we want to invite you (well, 300 of you) to be part of it. We’ll meet in Bralitz again, in between warm lakes, dark forests, cool rivers and huge sandpits full of fossilized dinosaur bones. And in the middle of this already surreal like world, there is – as most of you already know – an abandoned train station, which is a obscure and magical place. From August 28th to August 30th we will occupy this wonderfull place and add great people and music to it. All you have to do is grab a ticket and join us!

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Preparing #AAAHHWOOO

Some of us arrived in Bralitz yesterday and there is a lot of work to do! We will build an outside stage in the coming days, the wifi access is established all over the compound already and we have to cut some grass and prepare the campsite for everyone!

AAAHHWOOO! Festival Trailer

As you all know, the AAAHHWOOO! Festival will take place in the wonderful remote area of eastern Brandenburg, near a village called Bralitz, which itself is placed in between dark forests, open fields, cool lakes, and wild rivers. Near by, there is an old and huge sand pit and the only sign of civilisation is the old train station in the middle of this wonderful “nowhere”.

It is so far out in the wild, that nature is taking back what – not too long ago – has been in human hands. Believe it or not, even the wolves are on their way back into this area (so we were told at least). Last year we heard a story about a three-legged wolf and we liked it so much, that this creature will be an omnipresent character during this years festival. He (or she?) is a bit scary at first but it won’t take long and you will realize, it’s a wonderful creature! So get ready to howl with us.

By the way: The song you can hear in the video is a rough sketch of a song (recorded on an ipad) that will be worked on during the aaahh records workshop, in week before the festival. And of course, it will be performed live during the festival! We can’t wait to see this happen!

We are sold out! AAAHHWOOO!

All. Tickets. Are. Gone! Thank you so much for your support. We can’t put in words how much we are looking forward to welcoming you all for the upcoming AAAHHWOOO! festival in the end of this month. There might be some tickets available after all… In case people get sick, can’t come for some other reason and contact us and “cancel their ticket”. But for now, the ticket counter is closed. In case you like what we do, you can still support us with a donation. Thanks!

AAAHHWOOO! Deutschlandfunk-Interview

Gestern waren wir, bzw. einer von uns (Jochen), im Deutschlandfunk, in der Sendung Corso zu hören. Es ging natürlich um unser kleines feines AAAHHWOOO! Festival. Das Interview steht als Podcast bereit.

“Selbst entscheiden, wie viel einem der Besuch eines Musikfestivals wert ist: Das können die Besucher des Aaahhwooo-Festivals im brandenburgischen Bralitz. Das Festival an der deutsch-polnischen Grenze wird auf jeden Fall Ende August stattfinden – egal, wie viel die Besucher für die Festivaltickets zahlen wollen.” (DLF)

Foto: CC-BY Flickr/theslowlane