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We are back! And we miss you!!!

Miss You

Hello everyone! We are back. With a new website, a new release and a new plan. All of it will hopefully make sense to you as much as it does to us. We will soon post some more news on what we are planning to do. But now it’s time to listen to fantastic new music that our artists have recorded during our stay in BRAAAHHLITZ this year, watch a great video and take a look at some wonderful pictures. We can’t get enough of all this and we wish we could go back to this lovely summer weekend in BRAAAHHLITZ. Well, we will, this year! And we hope you will, too! (more…)

Get Entertainment For The Braindeads “Hydrophobia” on Tape!

Foto: EFTB @ BRAAAHHLITZ (SimSullen, cc by-nc-sa)

Not too long ago, Julia played in Braaahhlitz and maybe you were lucky enough to be there and watch her play and sing. We have seen her play many many times and still, she amazes us! It all started with her wonderful Hydrophobia album and it’s been roughly 5 years since we released it… Boy, times passes by so fast! Anyway… Julia put her AAAHH RECORDS debut on a extra limited cassette edition and if you are quick and lucky, you might be able to get one of the 30 Cassettes! (more…)

Thank you for making BRAAAHHLITZ awesome!!!


We just got back home… and we are way too tired to write a proper blog post. So, this is just a quick thank you to everyone who made Braaahhlitz a wonderful event! We are so so so happy that everything worked out so well and we can’t believe that what happened is actually true, because it feels like a dream. We loved it! And as far as you told us, you loved it, too. :)

There are tons of fotos, videos and songs (of course) coming soon! We will keep you updated.


the aaahhs

#Braaahhlitz arrival

Some of us arrived on Thursday and more and more artists are rolling in. We have already set up the recording equipment, prepared a campsite for our festival visitors and made some TShirts. (By the way: You should bring your own and take part in our workshop on saturday to make your own and unique Braaahhlitz Festival Shirt) First rehearsals begin tonight and our artists will hopefully record some new songs over the week. We are all very excited about the upcoming weekend and we hope you are, too! Only one problem, we have not solved yet: The Internet. We are working on a broadband connection. So far, we only have a few kilobits per second via mobile phones and an EDGE connection. We’ll keep you posted and send out some newsletters during the course of the week.

The Braaahlitz main stage and recording studio.

Our improvised acoustic studio. Recording under the roof.

One of a few campsites next to the old train station.