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Entertainment For The Braindead – Hydrophobia

Entertainment For The Braindead - Roadkill Cover

Mi Corazón
What you get
A Trace

Licensed under a Creative Commons-License.
Creative Commons License

Just like her debut “Hypersomnia”, Entertainmen For The Braindeads second album “Hydrophobia” is full of heart and soul and was created in a living room. There she spent hours in front of her laptop, recording track by track with a simple USB-microphone. Behind closed doors – with an open heart and mind – these colourful sounds and melodies of “Hydrophobia” emerged. Ukulele, guitar and flute are ever-present instruments, just like her unconventional percussion that consists of jars, cans, boxes, drawers and peppermills.

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  1. Wow! & Dank der Quelle…
    für das Überreichen des Schlüssels zu dieser Schatztruhe.
    Mein Winter ist gerettet! °ث°


  2. God! Where do i start first of all What where you thinking writing entertainment for the braindead,its one of those first songs you want to listen to on the other side honestly am in love with you and your music your voice is a gift and a blessing its all i ever want to listen to, God knows i love your songs more than anything i’ve never made a comment about a song before but for that song i just had to,thank you so much


  3. Thank you for the beautiful music you create – I don’t think I shall ever tire of listening to it. I love the ingenuity of your accompaniment!


  4. I don’t know what to say really, just wanted to live a comment because your music’s been really important to me. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and your songs help me to put my myself and my mind in the right place.

    Muito obrigado.


  5. Oh my. I just found out about you guys today. You have a true gift. And you have the gift of beauty to bring to the world. I’m seriously in love, keep your songs open, honest and emotional!!


  6. Seit mir jemand im Herbst dein Lied Fences vorgespielt hat, bin ich
    absoluter Fan!! Jetzt habe ich bei Free Music Archive
    gelesen, dass man auch manche (oder alle?) Alben als CD bestellen
    kann, aber ich hab nicht herausgefunden, wie und wo das geht.
    Und weil da auch steht, du freust dich über Feedback: Ich finde deine
    Musik super genial, das hab ich noch nie erlebt, dass ich schon seit
    Herbst dieselben Lieder ständig höre, und immer noch nicht genug davon
    habe. Zum Einschlafen, wenn ich joggen gehe, wenn ich in der Sonne
    liege, wenn ich Bus fahre, wenn es mir super geht, wenn es mir
    schlecht geht, wenn ich in der Stadt rumlaufe… passt irgendwie
    immer! Danke!


  7. super Musik. Wo kann ich die tolle Musik auf CD kaufen??


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