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Keyboard Rebel – Pop Grenade

Keyboard Rebel - Pop Grenade Cover

My Lordship
Northern Sherpa
Golden Opportunity
Lonesome George
Pop Grenade
Small And Round
Forest Song
So Cavalier

Licensed under a Creative Commons-License.
Creative Commons License

Good music needs to be listened to. That´s what we thought when we first heard of the lovely Manchester based band Keyboard Rebel. Not only a musical venture, but also a band that proves that its ideals of music go far beyond entertainment, since all the money that is earned through performing and merchandise goes to Amnesty International. That is one more fantastic motive to play music and one more reason why they have gained our attention. So by supporting Keyboard Rebel and their album Pop Grenade, you won’t just do yourself a favour, but you´ll be helping people all over the world. (…read more)

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