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In co-operation with our friends at tonAtom, we want to share “DIREKT” with you. A wonderful concert by ne:o, recorded in a Dresden cinema.

ne:o – DIREKT

ne:o - direkt

aaahh012 / 12.05.2011
ne:o – direkt (live)
neomuzic from Dresden, Germany

je lieber

Licensed under a Creative Commons-License.
Creative Commons License


ne:o – DIREKT

Two years ago we released a record from a german band which was very different to the music we released before. “Illoj“ from ne:o was a very complex, very artful album. Sometimes it was more like jazz, sometimes like electronic dance music but all things considered it was always Pop.

Sure, the record is impressive but the real great deal was to realize and witness that this 5-headed band could play this complex music live – with lots of different instruments, lots of instrument-changing in between the band and with lots of fun. It all ended up in a great Germany-Tour together with our friends from Keyboard Rebel in late 2009. After the tour they played a concert in a small cinema in their hometown Dresden and luckily a friend of them recorded it.

Now we (and in co-operation with our friends at tonAtom) want to share this concert with you. It was the last from them till now. A wonderful concert you wish to have joined when you have listened to DIREKT. And with this nice piece of music, we all could only hope to see ne:o live some time again.

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  2. Hi,

    I would like to give you a donation for a download, but I don`t use paypal. Can we make it directly with your Bank Connection?

    Greetings from Herne,


  3. I would like to put your musique on for our memebers.
    Can I do?

    Best regards


  4. @Boss: as long as you stick to the CC-Licence (mention ne:o, link to our site, non commercial use) you are welcome to copy the songs and put them wherever you like.


  5. Hi will the stems of the tracks be released like the other artist on your site ?


  6. @marley. No, there will be no stems for remixing, sorry. “Direkt” has been recorded live at a show in a local cinema in Dresden.


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