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Entertainment For The Braindeads Postcard EP III “Songs For The Breathless”

Entertainment For The Braindeads Postcard EP III Songs For The Breathless

This is Julias third Postcard EP. It’s called “Songs for the breathless” and it’s just her voice this time. Wonderful! Download it from her site and consider a donation if you like what she has created.

Entertainment For The Braindeads Postcard EP III Songs For The Breathless

Songs For The Breathless (by Entertainment For The Braindead)
Cologne. A room. Over time I collected quite a bunch of instruments. There are strings to be plucked and wooden sticks to blow air into, things to be hit and things to be shaken, millions of ways to set some kind of material into motion, to make another resonate with sound. If people ask me which was the first one I picked up, I tell them it was the recorder. But actually, if I want to be precise, there was another one before.

In fact, the first cords I ever made vibrate were right in my throat, the first body I made resonate my own. Before I could even think of ways to hold or play another instrument, I had already discovered I was equipped with one: a voice.
It still took a long time to get to know it and befriend with it. You have to go through the unsettling, dissociating experience of hearing your recorded voice for the first time, and believe me, you won’t like it. You have to face its flaws and maybe learn to use turn them into benefits.

Finally, at a time when the weight of my guitar would feel wrong in my hands and the strings of my banjo were only alienating, I sat down in a corner of my bed, stripped of all musical protheses, and decided to finally attempt to make as much use of my one very own instrument as possible. Over some time, a little collection of purely a-capella songs evolved and is now being released into the world.

Musical Postcards from Entertainment For The Braindead

Musical Postcards from Entertainment For The Braindead

Maybe some of you have already noticed that Julia (Entertainment For The Braindead) relaunched her website and started a series of “musical postcards”, small collections of songs from a particular spot in time and space. You should definitely check out these wonderful pieces. Her latest musical postcard is dedicated to the city of Instanbul “The City Of Cities.”

The first Postcard EP is about/from a little island called Hiddensee, which is located in the german baltic sea. The third EP will be about/from a bedroom in Julias hometown Cologne.

Good Music for a good cause

We would like to share with you a very nice good-food-good-music-good-people-good-cause-thing at which Julia alias Entertainment for the Braindead will play acoustically some of her wonderful tunes.

The Poetry 2012.
Close to the border of the Ore Mountains some friends of us are organizing this event under the slogan: “Waste is raw material at the wrong place”. They are totally right. And because their nature environment is very unique but now located close to a motorway and so the have a McDonalds built there a few years ago, there´s lots of this raw material at the wrong place… So the Poetry 2012 is one day of (voluntary) collective waste collecting, together with people and pupils from around Auerbach. In the evening there will be a free organic BBQ, for the interested some lessons from skilled chef on what to eat out of the nature and of course: Music.
Sounds great, doesn´t it?

Poetry 2012 from the 18th to 19th of August.

Roadkill On Vinyl

Roadkill On Vinyl

Update – Day 9 – July 15th 2012:
25%! That’s where we are today. There are 35 more days to go and make #RoadkillOnVinyl reality. Startnext declared our Campaign as the project of the day on friday and yesterday Christian was interviewed by Radio Fritz on the show Trackback. We hope that this helps to spread the word about the campaign. Please keep up the volume of sharing!

Update – Day 5 – July 11th 2012:
We reached almost 1000 Euro and our campaign is now recommended by Startnext on their project site. That is great news! We want to send a big thank you to our 31 supporters who help fund this vinyl release so far! Please keep sharing this campaign, everyone. Only with your help we can reach new supporters and fans! Thanks!

Update – Day 1 – July 7th 2012:
638 Euro in less than 24 hours! We are excited and so is Julia! Our thanks goes to the first 19 people that funded 638 Euro of our 5000 Euro goal. It feels great to pull off some collective action, doesn’t it? There are 43 days left to reach that goal and we will not be able to do this without you. So, please share, retweet and post the campaign and help to make this piece of plastic with lovely music on it reality!

Update – Day 0 – July 6th 2012:
You are amazing! It took only a few hours to take the first step towards a successful campaign! We needed 50 Fans to join the campaign to get into the actual funding phase and thanks to you, we did it! Now it’s getting serious: We have 44 days to fund the project. So please share the campaign within your circles and help to put Roadkill on vinyl. Thanks a million times for your support, we really really appreciate it!

Roadkill On Vinyl
Roadkill on Vinyl. This is what it will look like, if you make it happen. Help us to put Julias digital tunes on some lovely old fashioned piece of plastic. Imagine a vinyl disk spinning around in your record player, listening to the roadkill tracks while you are sitting in a comfy chair, actually holding this wonderful album in your hands. This can be true, if you help us! We need 50 fans at Startnext to start the actual crowdfunding phase. So get there, log in and become a fan. Just have a look at the project video and the rewards! It will be so great! Thank you!

Click here if you want Roadkill on Vinyl.

Break the silence // Gigs, Releases and more…

Dear Friends and Fans, we will not bother you with apologies why we were absent and silent in the last months, but there are certain reasons and most of them have something to do with the life outside of the Internet. But we were not as unproductive as we were silent, so we are glad to announce some new releases and also give you some information about tourdates and the new upcoming aaahh-workshop. (more…)

We are getting close to our first official physical (hybrid) release

We are so excited! Step by step we are getting closer to our very first official physical (hybrid… there will still be a free download, of course!) release, that we will produce completely DIY-style. The recording we did in our little danish summer residence in September. The mastering has been done by Denis Osborne (a true Keyboard Rebel) and Milan Greulich (one of the ne:o masterminds). The artwork will be designed by the one and only Julia Kotowski aka Entertainment For The Braindead, who is not only known for her brilliant music but also for her unique design skills. The result of all this will be a fully handmade Digipack CD package. We will create first prototypes next week and keep you posted. As another step towards the release, we got some recycled mailing bags today, that will be a soft and save home for the CDs during their journey to your very own physical letterbox. Feel free to get in touch with us, if you are interested in having one of the 100 limited copies of the CD.

Yes, I am interested in a AAAHHchestra CD!
(We will contact you via email as soon as the CDs are finished)

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AAAHHchestra Compilation on strictly limited hand made and crafted vinyl look digipack CD anyone?

Right now, we are working on the tracklist for the upcoming AAAHHchestra compilation, which is the result of our DenmAAAHHrk workshop and family meeting a few weeks ago. The mastering is finished and the artwork is in the making. As soon as we get the mastered files in uncompressed wave format we can render out the MP3s, OGGs and FLACs, tag and upload them and get ready for the release.

Because we think it was such a great week in denmark and the songs turned out so great, we decided to put them on CD aswell, as a strictly limited edition (maybe 50, maybe 100, it depends how many people are interested). The CDRs will come in a vinyl look, tenderly wrapped in a hand made and hand crafted digipack. We will post some fotos of the artwork and a CD prototype soon.

In case you are already convinced by the pure beauty of the snippets that you can listen to in the video above, feel free to drop us a line. Please keep in mind that the contact form below is not a proper preorder system. We would just like to know if you are interested in a CD and please let us know what a fair price would be for such a thing. Because we don’t know. As soon as the CDs are crafted, we will get in touch with you.

Yes, I am interested in a AAAHHchestra CD!
(We will contact you via email as soon as the CDs are finished)

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