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More Frames Per Second

The boys from Uniform Motion felt inspired by our remix mission and set all the stems from their latest album “One Frame Per Second” free. The files are all under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence. This means you can share your remix, and even sell it if you want, as long as you state somewhere that the original work was made by Uniform Motion. The BPM’s are in the SoundCloud set comments and all tracks have the same starting point, so when you import them into your DAW, they should all be in sync. There’s a condition though! You also have to remix the album artwork before you post your song online! You can download the artwork in a high resolution PDF-format. By remix, Uniform Motion mean that you have to use at least one element of the original artwork in yours. ie: you use Photoshop to cut out a tree, or the Knight’s sword, or whatever.

We are all looking forward to seeing and hearing what people come up with.

Download the stems via Soundcloud:

Download the high resolution artwork:

P.S.: Check out the “Pictures” Album that we released:

Uniform Motion: New Album on CD, Vinyl and as a download

Uniform Motion - One Frame Per Second

Uniform Motions new record “One Frame Per Second” is officially available now. Meaning you can get it from a bunch of online digital music stores and as hard copies on CD and Vinyl. They have a few CD’s left, and plenty of 12″ Vinyls available. If you are in a frisbee team, we can probably provide you with a discount if you buy a dozen or more copies! :) The PlayButtons are sold out.

If you are interested in learning more about the economics of the album release, such as where your hard earned cash goes when you purchase our music, visit their blog.

Uniform Motion Video: I Was Crushed by a Forty-Foot Man

Renaud from Uniform Motion directed his first video clip for “I Was Crushed by a Forty-Foot Man“, from their forthcoming album “One Frame Per Second“. If you like the track and if you are looking forward to listening to the fully mastered album in September it would be great if would support the boys. They haven’t quite raised enough to pay for mastering, but they do have just about enough to pay for CD duplication and the minimum order required for the PlayButton edition.

New Uniform Motion Album coming in September + Lovely Extras

New Uniform Motion Album coming in September + Lovely Extras
Uniform Motions third album is called One Frame Per Second and it will be released 1st September 2011. Available in Digital, CD and Playbutton formats (a Playbutton is a wearable button that plays music). In the meantime, you can pre-order a CD, or a Playbutton here. You can name your price for the digital download. The minimum is 50 cents (bandcamp won’t allow a lower amount for pre-orders unfortunately) but you can put whatever amount you like. You’ll then be able to download one song from the album right away and put them on your MP3 player before you go on holiday!

The boys from Uniform Motion hope that they will be able to raise enough money to get the album properly mastered and to pay for the CD duplication but don’t feel guilty if you put a small amount. Every little helps! You’ll receive an email when the album is released with a link allowing you to download the rest of the album.

And if you’re bored and have some time to spare, why not try your luck at the video game the boys made for Our Hearts Have Been Misplaced in a Secret Location. It’s pretty awesome. :)

Workshop O.S.T.

aaahh records workshop compilation

Currently, we try to work on aaahh in far-flung Leipzig, Germany. This sort of work involves sitting around a kitchen table, talking, writing and listening to music. While figuring out the future of our little label project and how to take over the world, we compiled a fun compilation with old and new aaahh related songs. Some of them have been released elsewhere, some have been kept secret in the digital dungeons of the cyberwebs.

Click here to download our workshop soundtrack (ZIP).

1. Nicolas Falcon – Big Big Boss (cc-by)
2. Entertainment for the Braindead – Coming Back (cc-by-nc-nd)
3. Keyboard Rebel – Of Late at the Fairground (c)
4. Emilie Lund – Something is Eating me (cc-by-nc)
5. Bryyn – Lunar Patterns (cc-by-nc)
6. ne:o –glückinderluft (cc-by-nc-nd)
7. Uniform Motion – Roll Over (cc-by-nc-sa)
8. MSC – Schrott, Mann! (cc-by-nc-sa)
9. The Wind Whistles – Ballad of a Murderous Wife (c)

Uniform Motion – Pictures (TechnoBears Remixes)

Uniform Motion - Pictures (TechnoBears Remixes)

Creative Commons License
Pictures (TechnoBears Remixes) is licenced under this Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial Use 3.0 Unported Licence.

Uniform Motion – Earthly Diamond (TechnoBears Remix)
Uniform Motion – Rain & Soil (TechnoBears Remix)
Uniform Motion – The Pen Fallacy (TechnoBears Remix)
Uniform Motion – Citizen Grave (TechnoBears Remix)
Uniform Motion – Cast Iron (TechnoBears Remix)
Uniform Motion – Fathers Of Our Homeland (TechnoBears Remix)
Uniform Motion – Selling Pictures (TechnoBears Remix)



The mastermind behind the Technobears is Ed Haskins, who was one of the winners for the Yoko Ono remix contest. Ed has been remixing for over ten years and it’s just recently that he started getting really good at it, he told us.
The songs themselves were awesome to work with.
The result of his work is a fabulous remix album that adds a wide range of electronic gear to Uniform Motions music and transforms it into something new. That’s how we like it! Thrilling!

If you want to get in touch with Ed and tell him how awesome he is, try this email adress: ethaskins [at] gmail [dot] com

Please visit his profile at Acidplanet to find out more about him and the TechnoBears:

Get the original Pictures album here:

aaahh newsletter 02/10

EFTB - Roadkill Promo CD@eftbroadkill (promo cds)

Hello there,

Everybody is talking about the cold weather these days in order to keep ourselves warm we started several remix- campaignes which litrary triggered a wave of response. We are quite surprised and chuffed by the creative outcome and want to encourage you to have a listen!

Uniform Motion:
The recently released album “pictures” turned out to be very “remixable”, many artists tried their skills out on the tracks and applied entirely new approaches to the music.
The many mesmerizing results are to be found here:

Keyboard Rebel:
Also “older” releases are covered in the remix-run of the open music-scene. We want to point to one of our favourite versions, provided by Rokotak, who remixed the song”My Lordship” from the album “Pop Grenade”.
Even though we have been receiving amazing tracks, we are still waiting for the one person who impresses us with a mash-up of various aaahh-material!

Entertainment for the Braindead
The big fan crowd is curiously awaiting new music from the girl with the reputation of producing new material nonstop and we are happy to say: it is on the way! In a few days, on the 26th of february to be precise we will present you yet another brilliant new product of the Entertainment for the Braindead-factory; and this time Julia reveals her affection to one of the most basic and prominent instruments in the history of folk: The banjo. Reducing the productionof the EP “Roadkill” to the use of her voice and a bluegrass-banjo Julia finds a thrilling concept which mirrors her commitment to the newly discovered instrument. This experiment you will surely love as much as we already do!

By the way, Julias redesigned her website, the refreshed result is worth having a look at, don’t forget to drop in her online shop either!

Inside aaahh:
We are currently working on a relaunch of our own website, the restructure will however not only include a new design, you may be curious folks! Soon aaahh-records will, just like the season (well, at least that’s what we hope and wish for), appear in a new look and baffle you with some recent ideas and features. Until then, keep in touch!

All the best,
your aaahh-team