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The Secret Album

The Wind Whistles

A Message from Tom & Liza (The Wind Whistles)

Dear listeners, once again we’ve teamed up with our beautiful friends at Aaahh Records to bring you our new album Animals are people too. We want you to have this album, share it with your friends, spread it around. We’re very grateful to those people that have donated money to us in the past, because without you we would not be able to keep making our music, and we thank all those that decide to donate to us in the future.

Believe it or not, every donation makes a difference in our lives. To express our gratitude, we have a little something for you… After finishing Animals, we took a bunch of our songs (that didn’t fit on Animals or were too late for Window Sills) and decided to record another full length album of about a dozen songs.

The original idea was to make a Secret Album that we’d release only on cassette or do a limited collector’s vinyl pressing. That may still happen one day, but not for a long time. As opposed to our other releases, we don’t want everyone to have this album (It’s a SECRET album after all!). For now we will make the secret album available digitally to those of you that donate € 8 or more to us. What’s on this Secret Album? Not wanting to give away too much, we’ll just say that it’s the missing link between the old and the new, with a few surprises mixed in..

Warmest thanks,
Tom & Liza
The Wind Whistles

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You will receive a download-link from The Wind Whistles via email after you have donated 8 euros or more to them.

Get in touch with Tom & Liza, if you have any questions concerning the secret album.

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