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Uniform Motion – Pictures

Uniform Motion - Pictures Cover

Earthly Diamond
Rain And Soil
The Pen Fallacy
Citizen Grave
Cast Iron
Fathers Of Our Homeland
Falling Off Trees
Selling Pictures

Licensed under a Creative Commons-License.
Creative Commons License

Uniform Motion emerged and grew as an entire art project, combining their three foundations of creative work: words, sounds and looks. Claiming to be influenced and driven by the things in life that, as the band states in their biography, “hit us”, their understanding of the all underlying principle of life describes a continual straight line of projections which is only changed through major events.

That is why “Pictures” is more than just a music album. There is a collection of videos and a picture book (included in the download-package) available as well. Some big piece of art!

Uniform Motion - Pictures (Videos)

1. Earthly Diamond

2. Rain And Soil

3. The Pen Fallacy

4. Citizen Grave

5. Cast Iron

6. Fathers Of Our Homeland

7. Falling Off Trees

8. Selling Pictures

9. Such A Shame (Bonustrack available on CD)

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